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arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 05:38 PM
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Jack Wilebane 17-Dec-18 05:43 PM
EB: hey vriska?
EB: you there?
EB: i doubt you'll respond, but i wanted to at least PRETEND to talk to you.
EB: you've been missing for WEEKS!!!
EB: where even are you??
EB: terezi's been risking herself near the weird black hole, looking all over the place!
EB: you've really been worrying me and everyone else here!!
arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 05:47 PM
... there's a moment, when some instinct flickers on in her brain, to do something extremely stupid. But it doesn't point to anything to actually do, and that instinct disappears quickly. Instead, Vriska directs her attention to what's currently hidden away in her backpack (Zqzxxz hates fetch modi with a passion and especially hates that 8-ball bullshit, and thusly spared her new protégé the trouble) next to rations she hates...
Jack Wilebane 17-Dec-18 05:54 PM
EB: you're probably dead at this point!!!
EB: i mean, i HOPE you're not, but still.
arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 06:00 PM
AG: I am too 8usy to 8e responding to ridiculous inquiries about where and what 8lack holes I may or may not 8e in!!!!!!!! I have an a8surd num8er of irons in the fire.
AG: Didn't anyone tell you to stop 8othering me while I'm 8usy?

(not right now not right now not right now not right now not right now not right now not right now not right now)
Jack Wilebane 17-Dec-18 06:01 PM
John was legitimately surprised when he got a response from the window he had forgotten to close; so much so, in fact, that he spilled his cereal onto himself! Ugh. What a huge mess. He took a minute to respond back, having changed into not-soiled clothes.
EB: holy shit, you're ALIVE!!!!!
EB: where the hell have you been? are you okay? what happened with lord english??
EB: wait wait wait, i think i should slow down. first thing's first.
EB: are you doing okay??? terezi's worried you fell into the black hole or whatever.
arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 06:05 PM
Vriska is only about an eighth as surprised that an actual response comes back as he was, so there's no spilling of nonexistent liquids and foods onto clothing, this time-- just an initial wave of apprehension, which is quickly stuffed back down and pushed aside to be dealt with later because right now is not the time for any of this. She's got shit to do and a question to ignore, damnit. (edited)
AG: Tell Terezi not to 8other looking in nowhere to not find me. I'm not in a 8lack hole.
AG: I know what I'm doing, and I don't need anyone meddling with it.
Jack Wilebane 17-Dec-18 06:16 PM
What? How...? That was the last anyone had been able to find Vriska, so that was the only logical place she could possibly be. How the hell had she managed to pull that off?
EB: and how did you get to any mountains?
EB: last i checked, the endless void has NOTHING, let alone mountains!
EB: are you just trying to avoid giving a straight answer?!?!
arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 06:23 PM
Vriska is, in fact, at the face of Shitty Name Mountains, funnily enough, staring up the single road for horses that leads up to the pastel nonsense vomit land at the top of it. Something something important, it's gonna take a fucking week to get up there, this sucks. But it's worth it, she thinks.
AG: I am looking right at a mountain. I'm looking right at the 8ottom of a mountain. I can see all the stupid rocks and crap up to the peak.
AG: Peak crap. Like you continuing to 8other me!!!!!!!
AG: Listen. I appreci8 you focusing on me. 8ut go do what you need to 8e doing, 8ecause it's not shitting around a8out mountains.
Jack Wilebane 17-Dec-18 06:33 PM
EB: and i don't wanna stop talking to you yet!
EB: where even are you right now? what happened with lord english??? why are you being SO MYSTERIOUS?????
arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 06:40 PM
AG: O8livious to the fact that I'm not going to tell you shit you don't need to know!!!!!!!!
AG: If you're really that 8othered a8out it, spend your time looking for Shitty Name Mountains. Stop asking stupid questions.
Jack Wilebane 17-Dec-18 06:42 PM
EB: especially when one of your friends were just trying to show concern?
EB: you seriously need to get your priorities straight!!!!
arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 06:56 PM
AG: You're the one wasting time you could 8e spending on actually going somewhere!
AG: You're doing this all in the wrong order and w8ing for the wrong times.
AG: 8e on your way to somewhere relevant or 8e done 8othering me, John.
Jack Wilebane 17-Dec-18 06:58 PM
EB: dave is bugging me anyways.
EB: have fun not being dead, vriska!!

_ectoBiologist [EB] has ceased pestering arachnidsGrip [AG]!_
arachnidsG3 17-Dec-18 07:00 PM
Vriska shuffles her shit back into her bag, and actually surveys the mountain in front of her, instead of half-assing it for the sake of a point. It's a pretty well-laid-out trail-- most likely for the sort of idiots that live in pastel-colored cities-- so it shouldn't be too difficult, especially not for the best. And she is the best. Something tells her that's about right, even these days.
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