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Jack had only just met this "Melt" lady, and she already wanted to spend some time together? He felt a little nervous about the prospect, but he didn't think about it too much, especially since he was already waiting for her in the living room, while she's doing whatever it is she's doing in her bathroom. Putting on makeup? He's not sure. He just sighs quietly, tapping the side of his leg gently and slowly.
She was doing... a few things. Firstly, she was 'medicating'— which really means changing out the cocktail of mood-stabilizing chemicals she keeps running through her filter... secondly, she's working on a bit of her 'special brew', a particular mixture of special thaumaturgical ingredients that serves as the basis for her work. And, thirdly, she's putting on a tiny bit of extra eyeliner. After a little bit more, and a little bit more, mixing and mixing... she's finally happy, and conceals her finished product in a confetti-patterned pink box, simply labeled "spooky squeaky" (in all lowercase), before stepping back out and into the hall. "Heyyyyy... heyyyy. Sorry about the wait! Had to... uh..." She stops, for a second, because she legitimately didn't think of an excuse before she stepped out. "... shit. Yeah."
Jack Wilebane "Oh, i-it's okay!" he says, smiling weakly and standing up before the rather strangely dressed woman, with the eyeliner and the weird bag. He didn't actually comment on it, though. "I, uhm, sink zou look really nice vis ze eyeliner." he then adds, scratching the back of his neck. A moment of awkward silence later, with him just kinda standing there, he clears his throat to try and break the tension, looking the girl in the eyes. "Uhm, vhat did zou vant to do, exactly?" Melt Banana She just... stares... at him... for a little while, before finally turning the question over in her head and jerking back into reality. "Uhh, yeah, I wanted to bake a cake! I bake everyone a cake. Everyone I'm friends with, anyway. It's like a rite of passage!" She giggles, after that last one, and slides over to the counter of her kitchen— her movement has an odd, fast rhythm, like she's constantly shifting and bouncing to some weird music that only she can hear. "... are you allergic to anything?" Jack Wilebane "Uhm, I sink I might be allergic to pollen, but not really anysing edible." he then says, just going around the counter instead, not being quite as "extra" as she is. He just looks through the cabinets, trying to start off by finding the flower and sugar. "Ehm, vhat kind of cake vere zou vanting to make?" he asks, turning to her after a moment of nothing he was looking for turning up. also i'm making myself a pizza so i'm sorry if my responses are slow Melt Banana i'm playing league so it's okaty okay* She nods at his statement, and changes her rhythm slightly, humming the beat to herself— with an occasional mumbled word becoming very faintly audible. Every part of her body seems to be doing /something/, too, and it's almost like she's gaining speed; a foot swings open a cabinet in the time it takes to process the fact that her hand's already retrieved the jar of sugar. "Chocolate! Double-chocolate. With chocolate frosting. Nnn." yeye Jack Wilebane "Oh, cool!" he says, with a faint smile. "Uhm, vere zou sinking of using different kinds of chocolate? I sink I have some in my backpack..." he says, pointing to the spot where he left it in the living room, which had the freezer compartment in there with a whole bunch of cooking supplies. Melt Banana She adjusts her jacket, a little bit, before grumbling slightly and deciding to just take it off entirely. Then, she shakes her head, for a moment, and dramatically throws a cabinet open, revealing the motherload of all chocolate stashes— everything from the milkiest sweetness to the darkest of 100% bitter cacao. Powders, syrups, bars, sludgy, self-regulating containers of melted chocolate... the works. "Hmm?" Jack Wilebane "Oh, uhh. Nevermind." he mutters, putting down the hand he was using to point. Hmmm... "How can I help?" he asks quietly, fidgiting in place and messing with his little tufts of spikey hair. Melt Banana The small girl resumes her frenzy of motion, quickly arranging and mixing ingredients like she's channeling the fuckin' spirit of baking itself. "Go make sure you're... uh... situated! Empty bladder, empty bowels— y'know, things like that! They're really important to your concentration." Jack Wilebane "I, uhhh...alright." It'd be weird to tell her exactly how "empty" he was, considering his complete lack of a need to use the restroom, so he instead stays completely quiet and stares at the floor. "P-Please let me know vhat zou need from me, ma'am." Melt Banana She keeps going at her rapid pace for a little while, before, eventually, she reaches some sort of milestone— and retrieves her precious little box from the counter, verrryyyy caaaarrrreefullllyyyy pouring her deep-purple slurry into the batter she's mixed up. "Alright, now... sit down, and get comfortable, and then open wide..." Jack Wilebane He goes ahead and sits down as instructed, before looking really confused, looking over at her with a questioning look. "Open vide...?" he asks, before leaning his head back and opening his mouth, unsure what the hell she was gonna do. Feed him something to drink? Can she timewarp the cake and then give it to him? Guhh, he's so confused Melt Banana There's a moment of silence; then, in a whirling blur, she spins around, intentionally "spilling" the bowl of batter in her hands— directly into the Gengar's mouth, filling his maw with sticky, gooey sweetness; there's so much that it's impossible to spit any of it out, forcing him to either helplessly sputter or start swallowing. Jack Wilebane He does indeed just end up swallowing it all, easily bloating his stomach and groaning a bit. Guhhh. "Ohhh, jeez..." he whines, panting hotly from how much that filled him. God, his guts are all tingly! "I-Is zat how zou bake cakes vhere zou come from...?" he asks, completely unaware of what's happening to his insides. Melt Banana "Melt" giggles, and gleefully claps her hands at his bloated belly, before placing both palms on its surface... she starts out with little more than slow, gentle kneading, but the affectionate rubbing turns into a flow of warmth that fills the poor boy's gut with /actual/ heat. The process that was idly ticking along accelerates to a sweeping change, now, as absolutely everything on the inside converts into a thick, ever-flowing chocolate slurry— which serves both to give him a creamy, gooey filling, and subsume his sense of touch in constant, distracting swirling. It's hard to balance, or focus, when it feels like your very /self/ is constantly swirling about... Jack Wilebane He coughs up a mixture of blood and this chocolatey mixture, "guhh"ing as his body's innards melt, while the skin and muscle on the surface manages to keep his body held together, even as it turns into a moist, crumbly cake skin. What's going on? Everything fades away into nothing, as his mind is only able to focus on anything within about a foot of his body. within a foot away from his body* Melt Banana The little she-devil leans down, and drags a fingertip over the textured, smushy-soft expanse of the "Gengar"'s chest, lifting a bit of 'blood chocolate' to her lips— which she snaps up in a flick of the tongue, shuddering in delight at the off-kilter taste; that bit of horrible confectionery is only at full strength at the very beginning of the process, so she savors every moment. Meanwhile, a layer of thick, drippy frosting spreads over his skin, keeping bits of him from constantly falling off; instead, he simply trails buttercream behind him at all times. Jack Wilebane He looks down at the thick layer of cream coating his body, which still had a purple color to it--for now, at least--and he pants a bit more, slumping in his chair a little from his body rapidly softening. Being a creature that already lacked bones, he might need something in there to keep him supported. i'm sorry if my posts are too short Melt Banana (You're doing fine, dear.) She scoops up a bit of the purple coating, and a chunk of his arm, with it, nibbling out of her hand (and licking it clean) while she monitors his progress. A core of hard, very dark cocoa forms in his very center, exerting outward force upon the mass of goo and cream that comprises most of his body— while it keeps him constantly swirling and dripping, it maintains just enough balance for him to stay upright, although his 'benefactor' can easily disrupt it, should she find it amusing to watch him soften back down into half-liquid. Jack Wilebane He very quickly regrows that frosting and that part of his arm, tasting like some kinda mix between a vague purple fruit and white chocolate, with the actual "flesh" underneath is just straight dark chocolate. He, unable to think all that clearly, looks down at his body, with a dazed look on his face. "Ma'am...?" he mutters quietly, confused about what's going on. Melt Banana The small girl gently pat-pat-pats his head, and takes a tiny bite of cake with her, when her digits drift back away. To the extent that he can see her face, she's presenting her most gentle, seemingly-genuine smile, although anybody withm a more intact mind would probably be able to figure out how false (and more-than-slightly unhinged) it is. "What's that, little cake?" Jack Wilebane "Ca...?" he starts, but is unable to finish, coughing up some more cakeblood--except it's all fully cake frosting, as his blood had been completely converted at this point. "Vhat're zou talking about...?" he then asks, rather quietly, huffing quietly from how fucking WARM he feels, eince he's eternally freshly baked. Melt Banana She almost grumbles in disappointment at the absence of real blood, but... mmm, frosting. “Shh, shh...~” Something tingles in his head, at the sensation of her taking a bit of his frosting, and the tingling grows stronger when she licks it up— god, that feels so good... so good to be... eaten... because he’s a cake... he’s Cake...? It’s hard to remember his name... Jack Wilebane It's really hard to remember fucking *anything*, instead the new name permiating within his head, as if some external voice is trying to convince him that it's his actual identity. What's even worse is that it's working. "Okay..." he says quietly, huffing and puffing softly, his fingers twitching just a little as his brain is completely reworked. i think he should be called, like, choccie or something instead Melt Banana y’know that does work, actually Another thing becomes easy to ponder, after a little while, and a few more idle nibbles from his new owner— namely, how irresistibly good it feels to be /eaten/. It makes every ounce of his slushy, chocolate-y goop tingly and warm, like it’s fulfilling his life’s purpose... “You’re my little cake-boy, Choccie.~ Nice, soft, and sweet.~ Don’t you remember?” Little drops of memory settle into his subconscious— it all starts to line up. He’s always been a good little cake... Jack Wilebane He still questions his own creation--was he someone else? Was he just a cake that was given this form? A weird magical experiment--but he also doesn't seem to care about that too much, smiling up at her faintly, his breathing heavy from how lustful being consumed was making him. All he wanted was to be eaten over, and over, and over--but he's gotta wait first. He doesn't wanna fill her *too* much. would his cum still be the same? but, like, instead of glue-like and sticky, it's more like creamy donut filling Melt Banana Creamy white chocolate. Jack Wilebane ooay okay Melt Banana Eventually, the memories stretch back far enough to give him an answer— he was always a cake, but she was the one that gave him a living body. He should be grateful... he should be a good cake, for her. He owes it to her to be a good boy. “There you go, Choccie.~ It all makes sense, doesn’t it?” Jack Wilebane He nods, getting a bit erect in his now stained pants, smiling at her just a little. "O-Of course, ma'am." he mutters, huffing quite heavily from how horny being obedient was. What does she need from him right now? Maybe a snack? He could give up both of his chubby arms right now, if she needed... Melt Banana Melt gently reaches down, and traces over the outline of his length with a dainty palm, gingerly plucking a bit of his shaft to nibble on as she does. “Now, if you’re good for me, I’ll make sure you get a nice, lovely reward...~” Jack Wilebane i thought choccie was still wearing pants Melt Banana I mean, it’s not like she couldn’t just dig through them. They’re probably not entirely structurally sound. Jack Wilebane oh He yelps a little as the tip of his cock is so easily taken off and nibbled on, panting lustfully and nodding. "O-Of course, Mistress! I owe you my very existence--I will do anything to make you happy...!" he mutters quietly, smiling nice and wide, just for her. Melt Banana She gently takes another bit of cake from him, and nibbles away, before affectionately patting his head... and turning away, to meander towards her couch, and sprawl over it. Luckily, her living room floor is hardwood. "Mmm. Good boy. Now, I need..." She covers her face in a palm, and takes a long huff from her filters, before adjusting her gas mix. "Nn. I need a drink. Can you go get me something, Choccie?" Jack Wilebane "Of course, Mistress!" he says excitedly, taking a moment to make a cocktail for her in the kitchen--some kind of mix of vodka, crushed strawberries, and a tiny bit of his own creamy filling--before bringing it to her in an expensive looking glass, smiling at her with mild worry on his face. Did he do it right? Melt Banana She settles in, and slowly relaxes in her seat— her mood's shifting downward, as the episode of the last week gradually fades. She can /feel/ it, after so many years of... this. So, she's changing her mix out... a process she interrupts, for the moment, to take a sip of the drink he's made for her. "Mmm.~ Very, very sweet— perfect. Good boy.~" Jack Wilebane Just hearing those words be directed at him was enough to make her moan and shudder in pain, hands shaking quite a lot. Guhh, fuck! This is so good! He needs to keep doing it...! "I-Is zere anysing else zou need...?" Melt Banana She doesn't take too long to finish her glass, and hands it back to him, taking a piece of his cheek when her hand's outstretched to him. "Keep me topped up, and make sure I don't get too hungry. I think I'm probably just gonna sit here, for a while, maybe play something, so... nn. I don't need you to do /too/ much."