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Saihah 14-Sep-18 05:43 PM
darkray vectors
g3intel 14-Sep-18 05:43 PM
good blondie
Saihah 14-Sep-18 05:44 PM
daddy niko got me an exalt too
g3intel 14-Sep-18 05:44 PM
big daddy croc rapper named 'chip'
good idea
The original song that "Interior Crocodile Alligator" came from. Now baby I'm The Ripper your baby daddy's worst nightmare Catch me by the Claire I'll be rig...
meanwhile i'm playing leeg
dota friends are all busy/dead
Saihah 14-Sep-18 05:47 PM
lets see how my new shoesies go
g3intel 14-Sep-18 05:47 PM
have you ever pondered anara in heels
Saihah 14-Sep-18 05:48 PM
58k tooltip dps
g3intel 14-Sep-18 05:48 PM
hit them fat slappers
Saihah 14-Sep-18 05:50 PM
zana and a trial on this map
oh fuck
trial of piercing truth
wait, this isn't the one i dont like
g3intel 14-Sep-18 05:50 PM
i was gonna say
you 'bout to get penetrated
Saihah 14-Sep-18 05:50 PM
i dont like the shooty one
g3intel 14-Sep-18 05:50 PM
how could you not like emplaced shooty bois
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:20 PM
drags into pillow prison~
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:20 PM
psssh you don't dom
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:20 PM
i need you to guest dom
in my pillow prison
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:20 PM
guest dom you
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:21 PM
my pillow prisoners require discipline
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:21 PM
how long will you be available because i need to know if i should stop what i'm doing gaming wise and juggle two rp's or just wait for one to end
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:21 PM
like, an hour and a half
at most
so not really able to do much other than talk shit
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:22 PM
ah i see
any new ideas should the time come for us to do more things or would you rather continue our existing IP
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:25 PM
i dunnoooooo
i dont want to think too hard
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:26 PM
do you just wanna be a good softie blondie
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:26 PM
that sounds nice
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:27 PM
all sleepy and cuddly
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:29 PM
i want
consensual temporary softening of blondes
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:29 PM
you'd love to just take a vacation and be a plushie
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:29 PM
i dunno about a plushie
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:30 PM
so just a mental vacation
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:30 PM
maybe some muscle drain
maybe some chubbening
maybe some thick, soft clothes
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:31 PM
and some fluffy mitts
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:31 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:32 PM
Soft, fluffy, fuzzy hands, soft, snuggly, pillowy body...~
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:32 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:34 PM
All soft, all over, all the time...~
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:34 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:35 PM
No thoughts, no worries, no concerns...~ just sleepy~ dreamy~ hazy~ softness...
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:36 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:36 PM
saps a lil' bit of strength from her palms.
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:36 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:36 PM
starts rubbing her arms. Thinner, thinner, thinner...~ thicker, thicker, thicker...~
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:37 PM
What, hey- What~
tries to swat those rubbing hands away!~
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:38 PM
keeps massaging and rubbing her arms, until firm tone turns to soft plush, and they're too weak to properly push the spider away.
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:39 PM
(PS not so keen on plushifyin' just)
(Soft squishy girl~)
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:39 PM
("Plush" in this case referring to a midpoint between a lack of any tone or fat and genuine flab.)
(Some padding.)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:39 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:39 PM
(It's about a baaalllaaance.)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:40 PM
's hands still try, but... Nope. They can't do much. A little whine passes her lips at the realization.~
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:43 PM
moves from her arms to her sides, gradually caressing down her torso and hips, adding little bits of softness with each idle shift and squeeze, until the blondie's got nice handles to gently smush and knead. "There we go.~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:45 PM
Her arms rise to Z's shoulders to feebly push, but... She's got about as much pressure behind her hands as a pair of pillows. Her hips pull this way and that, her attention moving down to watch as her body's softened... The blondie blushing horribly as she feels herself warm up, cute little belly poking out from under her shirt. "Nooo..."
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:45 PM
is she wearing her normal sweater and such or anything special, or
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:46 PM
A nice little top and a nice skirt should juuust about do
(Commando for convenience!)
((Z can provide new clothes. C: ))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:48 PM
(Of course, of course.~)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:49 PM
((...Also, maybe cuddlespidering))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:53 PM
finally gets down to her waist, and lifts her upper pair of arms, tucking them underneath the blonde's top, while her lower sets gradually massage and thicken her thighs-- after all, they should make for excellent places to rest one's head. The top disappears in a quick spurt of magic, of course, but it's quickly replaced by a thick, silky-soft sweater, large enough to loosely hang off of her body... and the skirt doesn't last long, either, since Anara's pillowy legs need to have a pair of fluffy, comfy, thick-lined sweatpants to cover them. "Much better.~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:57 PM
lets slip a gasp as those hands slide under her top - that tickles! She can't help but wriggle under the touches, and her hips shift this way and that as her thighs start to feel warmer as well. Her queasy expression is aimed at watching the changes, not sure what to make of them - but her top being removed obviously earns a squeal! It's a good thing that sweater replaces it, and the confused blonde's hands retreat from spider's shoulders to feel and stroke over the fabric... And she sways on her feet a little as her legs are wrapped up in comfy sweatpants, her cheeks reddening as her gaze moves up to the spider - then back down to her legs.
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:58 PM
(Hrm. Full spider, or just many-armed cuddleblonde?)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 08:58 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 08:58 PM
(For once, my overwhelming spiritual need to make everything spode is tempered, so I'll lean in that direction.)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:03 PM
((Buzzes in the general direction of!))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:09 PM
(Sorry, had to take care of something IRL.)
softly coos, and slides her arms back up; one pair rests on her cheeks, adding just the tiniest, cutest little bit of pudge to her expression, while the others settle on her sides, gingerly pressing in on her body... before pulling back out, slowly forming new sleeves from fresh, perfect silk, with new, soft, ever-so-slightly-flabby arms to fill them. "You're so adorable...~ like a big, fluffy pillow~ doesn't this feel nice, dear? Warm, and cozy, and comfy, and so, so nice...~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:13 PM
Her eyelids flicker as her cheeks are rubbed. They're warm, and she doesn't realize they're being softened as well, just the slightest tease of a smile on her face as they're changed. She can feel the hands pinning underneath her arms, on her sides... And she's suddenly aware she has another pair of arms. They come up, the blonde looking at them...

"...Huh?... Sweater's nice, yeah~..."
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:16 PM
leans in, and gives her a gentle lil' smooch, right on the forehead... there's a little rush of tingling, and a wave of warmth, soothing her muscles and gently washing over her thoughts-- another comes shortly after, followed by a faint squeeze on those pretty cheeks; she has to soften up any remaining pesky concerns, of course. "Mmhmm~ now, give me your hands, softie...~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:17 PM
The captive blonde shudders pleasantly under the kiss, her smile widening just that little bit. Her hands rise - one pair, two pairs - ready for Z to take, eyelids fluttering as her head is ever-so-gently mucked about with. Too relaxed for her own good, right now.~
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:21 PM
meets each hand with one of her own, and gently places her thumb against their palms, rubbing in slow, soothing, relaxing circles-- before she slides light-gray, thick, plush mittens over each and every palm, hiding their digits underneath a single, silken pad. Warmth radiates from within them, reinforcing the blissful heat that's idly rolling over her body and mind, keeping her juuuust barely underneath the surface of wakefulness. "Good girl.~ You're such a good girl...~ and that makes you feel good, doesn't it? All tingly and fuzzy inside...~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:24 PM
's eyes flicker left - flicker right, over her hands as they're played with, and as something's slipped over them. They withdraw, but not before every hand has one of those mittens slipped over them, her hands tensing and feeling, trying to press through the silk. Even her thumbs are captured with the rest of her fingers; her hands come together, playing and rubbing at one another, trying to find her own hands. "Good... Girl~. Good girl..." she murmurs, that smile widening.
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:27 PM
weaves up a nice, cozy hammock, with her spare palms, while her top pair continues to idly play with blondie's head-- gently patting and petting, stroking through her hair...~ affectionately massaging her temples, rewarding her submission with pulses of relaxation...~ "Such a good girl...~ and you know what makes good girls feel even better? Long, comfy, sleepy cuddles...~ don't you wanna just wrap your arms around me, and spend all day hugged up nice and tight, softie?~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:31 PM
_can't help but giggle as her head's played with. Her face is so... Soft, and those touches are so nice and tender, she can't help but grin like a ditz as she's doted on. The sweater-wrapped blondie's just so utterly soft, she can't help but nod at the suggestion - so obviously, she steps in closer, and all four arms loop around the spider's body, squeezing her chubby body close.~

"...Keep playing with my heaaad..." the half-there blonde whispers with a giggle._
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:37 PM
gives her a few more kisses, and sinks backwards, into the hammock, taking her new pillow with her as she slides into the silken strands-- wrapping her up, both in a blanket of sticky spider-silk and in all of her arms. "You're just too adorable, like this...~ Such a cutie...~ such a tired cutie, too-- you can't even keep your mouth closed, can you?~ No, you're so tired, so sleepy, so comfortable, that you just can't help but drool...~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:40 PM
_'s positively buzzing under those affections, and she easily sinks along with the mesmerizing spider, sinking into her lap. Her own arms are still around Z - only loosely, though, with so little muscle and so much softness - and she's absolutely oblivious to the silk she's being wrapped up in, snuggling away happily. She's not oblivious to those words, though, a mumbled little 'huh' passing her lips as she listens...

And they don't close. They stay parted, just that little bit... And drool is starting to build. And leak._
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:42 PM
(... maybe watersports?)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:42 PM
((Watersports or wetting ;o))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:43 PM
(I guess it'd be wetting, yeah.)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:43 PM
((Wetting is a fave. ❤ ))
((...Not an actual fave on f-list but it's a fave.))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:44 PM
makes sure to pepper her face with kisses, as a reward for her compliance, before she gently tucks her little sleepy-head's face into her neck, so that she doesn't have to worry about keeping her eyes up, anymore. "There we go...~ good girl.~ You're so relaxed, aren't you? So, so relaxed...~ you can't even move...~ you can't even think of being tense, every single little bit of you is just letting...~ go...~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:46 PM
_'s head's easy to tuck away, eyelids fluttering shut as her face is tucked away into the nape of Z's neck. She sinks, that little bit more, relaxing, and relaxing, and relaxing, and letting go

She can feel the warmth, but she can't really... Process it, mentally, straight away. It takes a few seconds. Once she does, the warmest little yelp passes her lips, her body shifts and squirms, she tries to pull her hips away... That warmth's beginning to spread in her new sweatpants._
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:50 PM
gingerly tugs her back down into the hold, when she tries to squirm away, using a few strands of silk to hold her in place... "Ah-ah...~ why would you want to get out of our little cuddle, sweetie...~? Unless... d'aww...~" She gives her a particularly patronizing kiss, and a few pats on the head... "It's okay, dear...~ you're just so, so relaxed, and so, so safe, here, you can't help it, can you?~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 09:52 PM
A whimper and a whine escape her, and her legs spread. She's still cuddling, but she's trying to squirm away from the uncomfortable feeling of warm, damp pants. Her head tries to tilt away from those teasing whispers, and she blushes furiously under the kisses and the pats, doing her best to hide.~ (edited)
g3intel 14-Sep-18 09:58 PM
keeps covering her cheeks in smoochies-- the blondie gets no escape from the ever-so-teasing flow of love... "So helpless...~ don't worry, little softie~ don't worry your little head...~" A petting palm shifts to her temple, and slowly traces out a long, spinning spiral, right next to her ear... "I'll take care of everything for you, pillow...~ just relax, stay snuggled up, and be a good girl for me...~ that's all you have to do...~ isn't life so easy, little pillow?~"
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:00 PM
's eyelids flicker as that fingertip drifts to her temple... And her lips part again as it begins to swirl. Her lids flicker, a warm little droning noise spilling from her lips... And the captive blondie begins to drool again. Her legs close, settling in Z's lap, her thoughts wind down again, and she nestles her head in, murmured little 'yessss' escaping her!...
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:07 PM
keeps her swirling...~ and swirling...~ and swirling...~ until she's sufficiently settled her little pillow's precious, pretty head.~ "Good girl...~ good pillow...~ just relax...~ let everything out, it's okay...~ you don't have to worry about it, you just have to stay soft and cuddly, and be a good snuggle-pet...~" The spider quietly giggles, and tilts her sleeping partner's head up, to press a nice, soft, long kiss to her lips...
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:09 PM
She's swirling... She's swirling... She's not thinking. The dolly's all settled, relaxed, thoughtless, and completely, utterly out of it. She's beginning to wet again... And the warmest little groan passes her lips as her head's tilted back up, lids flittering as she's smooched on the lips. She's not very good at kissing back.~
((Did you go away again.~))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:14 PM
(Nope, just changing devices for a moment.)
(Do you mind renaming?)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:16 PM
((I like it ;o))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:18 PM
gives her another sweet little giggle, and kisses all over her cheeks, before putting her face back into that comfy little niche she had found. “There we go...~ good pillow.~ I bet you can’t remember your name, can you? So sleepy~ so soft~ you almost forgot that your name is Pillow...~”
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:19 PM
_tries to stretch her brain-muscles enough to remember her name. The rest of her body even stretches, ever-so-slightly, while she does, warm little noises passing from her lips. She's starting to leave a little puddle of drool on Z's shoulder...

...She can't remember.

Oh. It's Pillow._
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:22 PM
traces another nice, helpful spiral on the little softie’s temple, while that name fills her head, replacing those faint, fuzzy, fading memories of ‘Anara’. As it settles in, it fills her with warmth— of course, her name is Pillow! It feels so, so right, so, so fitting— she’s such a good, ditzy, cute little bed decoration, why wouldn’t she have a name to match? “There you go, Pillow...~ such a smart girl...~”
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:23 PM
Another giggle rings out of Pillow's lips. All four arms squeeze Z close as she's praised, snuggling in tight! God, she's so happy.
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:25 PM
kisses her cuddly little sweetheart some more, and holds her right, patting her padded butt as she reciprocates the snoozy snuggling. “Good pillow.~ Now, you know that, no matter what, no matter how you may be feeling, when I tell you to be a good pillow, it’s time to relax, and let everything go, so you can be my perfect cuddle-pet...~”
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:27 PM
More pleasant giggles spill from her lips. The four-armed gal nods gently as she listens, her nose teasing against the nape of Z's neck. Pillow's having an awful time not just letting those words sink right into her brain while she cuddles away blissfully, thoughtlessly.~ (edited)
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:30 PM
makes sure to drench her in affections, constantly rewarding her mindlessness with continued waves of tingling and warmth, providing positive reinforcement to firmly cement pillowy, empty, dumb, giggly softness deep within Pillow’s subconscious— even when she does return to the waking world, that ditzy, sleepy snuggle-toy is always right underneath the surface.~
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:32 PM
A warm yawn escapes the cuddletoy as she presses in a little closer, and her body rattles just a little, drowsy and shivery. Her eyes sink shut, her mitted hands feel about, that soft tummy presses into the spider... She's still trying to think, on some level, but it's so, so hard. Another yawn.~
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:36 PM
gently grasps one pair of mittens, and pulls them up to her own cheeks, letting their padded surfaces rest against her face... mmm, mittens.~ “Good pillow...~ now, it’s time for a nice, cozy nap.~ I want you to breathe deep, Pillow...~ and with each exhale, you’ll get a little closer, and a little closer, until you tip under, and slide into a nice, happy dream...~”
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:37 PM
_'s eyelids flicker, barely opening for a moment as she listens. She strokes those mitted hands against those cheeks, her eyes drifting up to Z's face. She takes a long, deep breath in...

And then out. Her entire body softens, her eyes closing again. So heavy.~_
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:39 PM
bites her lip, at the feeling of mitts brushing over her skin... nnn. Perfect...~ she hugs the blonde a bit tighter, with that exhale, before letting go a tiny bit, for the oncoming inhale— her warm, affectionate squeezing moves with the glacial rhythm of Pillow’s breath.~
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:40 PM
*In... And out. Another gentle little shiver runs through Pillow as she drifts a little bit deeper.



...And with another flutter of her eyelids, she's gone.~*
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:42 PM
turns the surrounding strands of silk into a full-sized blanket to tuck herself and her Pillow into, and wiggles, just a tiny bit, until she’s totally comfortable— before she rests her cheek against a mitten, closes all of her eyes, and drifts off, herself. Perfect.~
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:42 PM
((Awww~. ❤ ))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:43 PM
(It’s only fitting that the ending is as soft and sweet as the rest of it.)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:43 PM
((Are you gonna be pokin' this as perma play. ;o))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:43 PM
(There’s setup for it, if you’d like it to go that way, but it’s up to you.)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:44 PM
((I like triggerplay. And also namechanging.~))
((...She'll probably be less soft again, though. ;o))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:44 PM
(That’ll be fixed as it needs to be.~)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:45 PM
((Pillow just keeps getting dragged back in~))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:45 PM
(She can’t help it.~ Deep down, no matter how much she tries to change, she’s just a sweet little snuggly softie.~)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:46 PM
((Pillow's busy bein' tough before Z shows up~))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:47 PM
(A good, long, gentle hug should be enough to fix that right up, especially with that one little whisper, to follow it...~)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:47 PM
((Oh nooo~))
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:48 PM
(And before long, all those troubling thoughts of independence and being awake will turn into the fuzzy little tingles they’re supposed to be, until she can hardly stop herself from snuggling her favorite spider up nice and tight.~)
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:49 PM
Nice and snug in her sweater and sweatpants~.
Spider interrupts her in the middle of the day just to drop her for four, five seconds to plop some mitts on Pillow?~
Pillow doesn't really even notice~
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:52 PM
One moment, she’s clear and bright as can be, and the next, she’s mittened and foggy...~ and none-the-wiser as to why everything feels so hazy and warm...
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:53 PM
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:55 PM
Mmm.~ Although the spider might take to wearing mittens, herself, so that Pillow can’t help but nuzzle into the fluff when she’s being patted.
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:55 PM
Possibly. ❤
I neeeeeeeed
g3intel 14-Sep-18 10:55 PM
Sleepy softie.~
Saihah 14-Sep-18 10:55 PM